Sunday, February 28, 2010

Designing Our Home

Having settled on the land, we couldn't wait to start the build process. There's a million things to do but the most exciting was always going to be the design process. Interior colours, style and type of cupboards, fixtures, doors etc etc. We were booked in to a 3hr session in Feb at Metricon's Studio M which is basically where they have samples from all the suppliers they use. The idea of finalising all design details within 3hrs, even after doing our research prior, seemed impossible no matter how decisive you are.

So for most of February leading up to Studio M, we discussed colours, styles, and skimmed a variety of home magazines. Metricon's online visualisation tool helped a bit but with a number of limitations it was difficult to get a good 'visualisation' of exactly what we wanted. Design is such an art and we were simply overwhelmed by choice and the importance of each decision. We prayed that the experts at Studio M would be able to help us otherwise it was going to be a painfully long session.

The big day finally arrived and thankfully the Studio M consultants guided us through rather efficiently. We still had our indecisive, frustrating moments and the appointment did go overtime but we got through 85% of the process so was pretty happy and exhausted. It was a great milestone though. Our home was coming together nicely.