Monday, February 21, 2011

Kitchen installed!!!!

Why are all my blog titles ending with exclamation marks? Probably because I'm a wee bit excited :))) Our kitchen arrived and in about a week, has been installed. So glad we upgraded to get the microwave tower, the original position under the island bench was just not going to work with 2 young kids. My helpful 2yo would have cooked all her plastic toys in no time! Looking forward to the splash back and caesar bench top.

The gutters and downpipes are in as well. We had to change the colour to meet design guidelines of the estate. Looking forward to the finished look.

Now my husband had a brilliant idea the other day when he saw the stairs again. All that empty space underneath would be great for storage! We spoke to our site supervisor about putting in a door for access and looks like it will be done sometime this week. Very cool. So happy we thought of that before it go plastered up. Going to come in very handy.

Electricals have started with the rumpus room. Rest should be done by early next week I suspect.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kitchen cabinets!! Woohoo!!

So once the plaster was done, we were all ready for the fixing. It was very exciting to see the kitchen cupboards arrive, woohoo! We selected these so long ago that it's great to see them again. They're going to look great against the floorboards we've chosen for the bottom floor too. Our home is starting to come together :)

And lookee lookee!!! we have stairs :))) They look fantastic and after a quality stain are going to look amazing. We considered carpeting them, thinking they'd be safer for the kids but in the end decided we really do prefer the timber look and hey, the kids are going to grow up right?

The cornices also got done over the last week (boy things do fly after Lock Up). Little by little, the rooms are looking more 'finished'. Pretty happy with the quality too.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brickwork finally fixed!

Finally the brickwork we've been complaining about since before Christmas has been fixed! Basically we wanted all the window sills to be redone as we weren't happy with the quality. ie. crooked sill, chunky mortar. Anyway, stoked that Metricon agreed to fix them and that after over a month of chasing them up, it's finally happened.

Photo of some of the repaired window sills.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Garage roof and plaster

The garage roof was finally started despite brick work finishing a couple weeks ago. There were lots of other things being addressed in the meantime (including the metal support beam along the garage door that had to be replaced) so we weren't too stressed. It was nice to se it covered up though, like another important piece of the puzzle! It's our extra wide garage (given we couldn't get a 3 car garage!) to fit our 2 cars through with space to open side doors and room up the back for the dog beds :)

The other significant work has been the plaster! It took all but 3 days andthe entire house had been plastered! We were so excited to see it as we weren't expecting it for another week. Amazing what a difference it makes when the walls go in and you're suddenly walking in and out of rooms!

The master bedroom...

Family room.. aka, kids room.

Painting will occur in a couple weeks apparently. Can't wait!