Monday, May 10, 2010

Developer Approval & Building Permit

After all the permits, the most important approval was still yet to come. The mountain of paperwork that formed our Contract must now get submitted to the developer of The Range estate to approve that it complies with the similarly impressive Design Guidelines for all homes built at The Range.

Having consulted them on various occasions since we first engaged Metricon, we were not expecting any major objections... however, waiting is never fun. For 3 weeks we scratched our heads over what the developer could possibly be pondering over. Eventually we received a response with two main items that had to be altered to comply; 1/ colour of downpipes (?) and 2/ the stainless steal frame for our balcony. The latter turned out to be rather costly change which we begrudgingly accepted as we did like the look of glass but wasn't planning on the extra spend.

So after signing off on yet another post contract variation, we received our blessing from the developer and sought the coveted building permit which would kick start the actual construction of our dream home.

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