Friday, October 15, 2010

Roof done and some doors

It's been a while since our last post but with a newborn and toddler, your spare time certainly twindles. As mentioned in the last post, our Colorbond roof arrived as did some bricks. We selected them back in Feb so I was praying we still liked them, especially the roof which we mulled over in length before going for Colorbond over tiles. The tiles would be traditional and timeless but we love the durability and energy efficiency of Colorbond steel. Relieved to say we still love the Colorbond and colours for both roof and bricks.

The roof took a matter of days to complete and not a day too soon given the heavy rain that followed.

Noticed that the sliding door cavity for the study has also been done. This is going to be my home studio/office space so I'm pretty excited about it. Have always worked from home but never had a suitable space to meet clients. It's not a big room but it's all I need and it's at the front of the house so perfect really. Hopefully the heavy timber doors we selected for the room will keep the kids from getting in too easily. Fingers crossed...

The timber bi-part doors for our outdoor area has also been installed, though with the wrong handles so we've had to contact Metricon to have them replaced. The doors will look great after they've been stained. We also love the look of the 4 section bi-fold doors but decided that our kid's fingers would be safer from harm with a bi-part door. Funny the things you have to consider when you have kids!

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