Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top floor bricks done

Once the scaffolding issue was resolved, the top floor bricks went up fairly quickly and should look fantastic after a clean! (Though more later on the issues found on closer inspection.) The only brickwork left to complete is the garage which is still needing a roof.

So, on closer inspection..... the brickwork has been a little disappointing. Whilst the bulk of it is pretty good and from a distance, it's all very neat, there are too many imperfections to ignore. The problems we noticed is in the edge work, mostly around windows. Bricks not lining up, missing mortar, and raking not done properly.

Example of bricks and mortar width not lining up under window edge.

Right hand side of the same window is fine. It's as though a different bricky worked on the other side of the window!

Example of cracked, missing, BLOTCHED UP mortar. What kind of quality workmanship is this??! Will have to chase this up with the builder next week.

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