Saturday, January 15, 2011

We have a completion date - Happy New Year!

Was nicely surprised by the sight of a roof over our outdoor room which was not there before Christmas. The builder had mentioned that we may see some work between Christmas and New Year by their smaller suppliers but we weren't holding our breath. Seems he was right and a few other little items were addressed too. Still nothing on the brickwork though so urgently requested a site meeting.

Met with Wayne our site supervisor on a Saturday morning which was a good effort on his part and we certainly appreciated it as we were getting rather concerned about a few overdue items yet to be addressed. In summary...

1/ Brickwork - Wayne agreed about the quality of some of the brickwork and assured us that all will be fixed. Meaning window edges, bricks and mortar, was going to be redone.

2/ Broken noggins - We had noticed some broken noggins in the frame some months ago which had not yet been fixed. Wayne assured these would be done prior to plaster.

3/ Incorrect door handle on bi part door - This still hasn't been replaced so noted that also.

Rough order of events to come....

- Fixing bricks next week (Claim Lock-Up)
- Garage roof next week
- Start plaster following week (10 days to complete)
- Kitchen installation (after plaster completed)
- Water proofing of wet areas
- Painting (after kitchen and waterproofing completed)

Most exciting off all though is that we now have a completion date of end of March if all goes well!!! We'll plan for end of April to allow for the myriad of delays that could occur. That's just over 3.5 months away so we're pretty thrilled. In the meantime, we have to fix a 'few' things around our current house before putting it on the market early Feb. So much to do and so little time! It's funny how even when you know somethings coming up, it can still creep up on you. Guess life gets in the way and before you know it, you're out of time.

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