Monday, February 14, 2011

Kitchen cabinets!! Woohoo!!

So once the plaster was done, we were all ready for the fixing. It was very exciting to see the kitchen cupboards arrive, woohoo! We selected these so long ago that it's great to see them again. They're going to look great against the floorboards we've chosen for the bottom floor too. Our home is starting to come together :)

And lookee lookee!!! we have stairs :))) They look fantastic and after a quality stain are going to look amazing. We considered carpeting them, thinking they'd be safer for the kids but in the end decided we really do prefer the timber look and hey, the kids are going to grow up right?

The cornices also got done over the last week (boy things do fly after Lock Up). Little by little, the rooms are looking more 'finished'. Pretty happy with the quality too.

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