Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun...

It's been a frustrating month with lots of rain and intermittent sunshine. Our block seems to just rotate from sludge to dry and back to sludge, making it impossible to complete the base work. These works shown here took over the month of June to do.

Just after excavation.. hubby and daughter strolling along the back left hand side.

A couple of dry days enabled the concrete piers and plumbing pipes to go in. Surprised to see this work being completed on a drizzling day.

Plumbing complete and crushed rock laid over top. Hopefully this will prevent a return to sludge. Now it's just a long wait for a few consecutive days of sun to dry up the base enough so the concrete slab can be poured. Then they require a couple days for the slab to dry so really we need a whole week of sun in the middle of Winter! Not holding our breath.

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