Monday, July 26, 2010

After a couple more days in the rain, our windows & timber bi part doors, which were delivered too early, were finally returned to the manufacturer. Our builders wouldn't guarantee that we would receive new timber doors despite them sitting in the rain for a few days. Apparently, they will be assessed prior to installation and if not deemed damaged will be used for our new home. Disappointing outcome to say the least as we have no say in this assessment. Have notified our private inspector of this incident so he'll give it a good look over when the time comes. Not much else we can do at this stage.

Other than that we've had very little activity on the block. It's been sitting at the same stage (piers, plumbing, crushed rock laid) for some 3.5 weeks now. We've been told by the builder that the foundation has been too wet due to the rain and that we really need 4 days of straight sun in order to complete the slab stage. Getting impatient but unfortunately out of our hands. Better a solid foundation than cracks in a few years.

Due to the delays, another item which has been delivered prematurely has been the concrete reinforcements. Wasn't too concerned about this until we noticed how rusty they've become. Going to find out again from our private inspector if these should be replaced or still ok to use.

Other slab materials delivered for the slab. Hopefully these won't be sitting around for much longer before the slab can be laid.

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