Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The LONG awaited slab!

Our site was excavated at the beginning of winter, just before a period of heavy rain resulting in an extremely damp foundation. As they couldn't excavate further our only option was to wait for it to dry. This, in the midst of The Drought Breaking Winter, proved frustrating. A sunny day was few and far between, let alone a few consequetive ones enough to dry the block.

We waited and waited before finally resigning to the fact that the 3 months of Winter was a writeoff in our building plans. A Spring slab it would have to be.

Sure enough, within the first 2 weeks of Spring we got enough of that perfect sunshine and northerly winds to dry the foundation of our badly neglected block. On Sunday14th Sept our concrete slab was poured and finished, 2 days after the birth of our 2nd bubs. What a gorgeous Spring it's turned out to be!

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