Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's been a very busy week at home so haven't been stalking The Range as often as we have been. Did manage to finalise curtains and blinds so hopefully will have them installed before we move in.

The other big job we booked in was the installation of our evaporative cooling. Our kind SS agreed to let us install it prior to handover which was a bonus. Only problem was, the installer turned up on the day to find no man hole had been cut in the ceiling, therefore no access. Called our SS and found it was an oversight and wouldn't be done till 2 days later! Luckily for us the installer's not charging us extra to come out again.

So this manhole business. On our plans, it's located in one of the bedrooms. Not sure why we've never noticed this but I really don't like the idea of the manhole being in a bedroom. No big deal but I just don't like it. Queried with the SS who was surprised by it's location too. He looked into it and was happy to inform me that it really wasn't a suitable place anyway as there isn't enough room at that point of the roof for a someone to get through. I suggested a spot in the hallway outside the upstairs toilet. A nice little tucked away spot. He said no problems and as far as I know, the hole was cut and a/c installed.

Spoke to my SS after the installation and turns out the spot I wanted was not possible either because there was a truss running along the middle of the hallway in question. Hmmm, how did he know this after the ceiling has been plastered up? He found it after cutting a hole of course! Further along the hallway was also no good because there was a piece of wide timber board right behind the plaster. Again, how could he possibly tell with the plaster up? He found it after cutting another hole of course!!! Around the corner above the living space was suitable though thank god. Yes, a 3rd hole in the ceiling. Fortunately 3rd time lucky!

The holes will get patched up and won't be noticeable I'm told. They better not be!!!! Guess it's my fault for asking for an adhoc change from the plan but boy, had I known it would result in 3 gapping holes in the ceiling I probably would have left the manhole in the bedroom!

At least the air conditioning is in now though I do have to find out why 1 of the 6 vents is noticeably smaller than the others. My observant neighbour also pointed out that they've used white pipes against our darkish roof. Odd. Forgot to grab a pic of the unit today so will get one next time.

We also appear to be getting our balustrade soon. The scaffold's up in prep for the installation of it hopefully next week.

Being a long weekend, we were surprised that both the brickie and carpenter was in today. Great to finally see those brick and mortar issues finally being rectified. It's only taken 3 months but at least they're now fixed to our satisfaction.

There is a lot to be done to meet the promised mid April completion, a LOT. We are excited but also getting rather nervous. We've recently sold our house and did allow for 3 weeks delay in building but with the current pace, 3 weeks might not be enough!

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