Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spotting the little things

Only 4-5 weeks to go and there seems a million things still to be done! Spotted a few more things today which needs to be rectified. I mentioned in a previous post that the down pipe was ended with a white separator which is all fine and good but doesn't look the best. Turns out this separator was a bit of a fix to an incorrectly positioned downpipe! On closer examination of the engineering plans, the SS found that the downpipe should have been positioned a little further to the left ending on the ground as opposed to the garage gutter! Makes perfect sense and hopefully will be fixed soon.

I have been really undecided about whether to change the laundry door to a full glass one. Mainly for light but also because I'm not convinced about the look of this door provided. However, now that its been hung, it's grown on me... luckily. It will get stained same colour as the front door.

Now this is something I should have raised with the SS weeks ago when I first saw it but for some reason, didn't. Guess there were too many important things to chase up. This metal piece above the fireplace just seems so out of place and ... temporary. I think that's the reason I haven't raised it as an issue as I assumed it was temporary! The metal piece is large, not fixed flat against the brickwork and doesn't match any other exposed material around. When I finally mentioned this to the SS, I was informed that this was a surprise to them too as the supplier they use have never done this before. WTH?! Apparently it's to protect rain from seeping into the fireplace (or Jetmaster in our case). Sounds reasonable but really isn't a great finish. The SS said they were looking at redoing this as they're not thrilled with the look either.

Finally, those pipes that were jutting into my study wall! They managed to hammer everything back into place and the hole in the plaster was patched up. Happy enough with that but there is the issue of the hole in the ground now just perfect for rodent entry!! Better keep an eye on that one, wouldn't want it just covered up by carpet.

So that's all for now. Still plenty to report but getting too nervous to continue...

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