Monday, March 7, 2011

A Saturday Inspection

We were pleasantly surprised when our SS told us that the carpenter was going to be in on Saturday to finish off majority of the carpentry work like skirting and fixes here and there. Thought we'd take the opportunity to drop by and check out the house.

I was super keen to see how the caesar stone benchtops were looking. We decided in the end to upgrade for all bathrooms so hopefully the finished look will be well worth it. The extra 20mm thickness we got for the kitchen benchtop looks great too despite hubby not being 100% on the bullnose edging that I chose. He prefers the square edge which would be more modern looking but I was thinking of the kids bumping their heads!

Pic of bathroom cabinet and caesar stone bench top.

That lovely smashed in niche hole I mentioned in previous post has now been cleaned up. Still needs plaster lining but at least it looks like a feature now and not an accident!

Ooooooooh and here's that kitchen vac that I am just dying to try!!! Call me a sucker but when they told me I can have a floor vac that sucks in any dirt I sweep towards it. Well, like I said, call me a sucker :) Doesn't look like much now but should be an awesome lazy, ahem... efficiency tool!

Ah, and here's the best part about the home!!! Our family :) I can see little miss muffet waving passers by from the glass balcony all day long. Now, step away from the edge Dad!

One of the reasons we chose this block is it's proximity to one of the wetlands in the estate. Can't see the water behind the trees in this pic but its just the view from one of the upstairs bedroom. A nice spot for a walk and hopefully a little swim for the dogs. Not sure about the rules and restrictions yet but of course when we purchased the block, Australand was like 'of course your dogs can swim in it!' Some 18mths later, we're thinking the wildlife may not appreciate it.' It is still a very dog friendly area though with walking tracks and all.... or has that changed too. mmm.. will have to wait and see.

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