Friday, March 25, 2011

Painting, decking, more fixes

Handover's getting close and we're a wee bit nervous! So much to do still and unfortunately our SS is on leave from the 15th April. Then it's finishing and handover with someone we've never dealt with. Not what you want at the end of build. Our SS is pushing for completion before he leaves which will be fantastic but tight!

The latest activity is painting. Really excited about this as it brings us that much closer to the finish line. Hopefully it won't take too long as they spray rather than use the domestic roller. First coat finished today I think. The painters didn't speak much english so I couldn't really chat and our SS was at another location. Looking good anyhow.

It's a little hard to tell but the walls are a cream based colour called Natural White and the ceiling is a white called Lexicon Half.

This is the theatre room. Hope they've just done the base coat the same for all walls because we had selected a darker tone for this room given it's mostly for watching movies. Might mention that to the SS ... just in case.

Those extra man holes have been patched and spray painted over too. Looking seamless which is what you want! Still not an ideal spot for the actual manhole but oh well, a small thing to get used to given lack of other options.

Great to see everything covered up properly to avoid paint drops. In this you can just see the Antartic coloured splashback in the background. Lifted the plastic for a good look and it looks awesome! Can't believe I forgot to take a photo though! Looks great, trust me ;)

Got a call from the SS on Tuesday informing us of a potentially big problem. Wardrobe cupboards and doors in the master ensuite don't fit because the carpenter had made the opening too short... well, standard and we had opted for a bigger wardrobe. A few conversations later and it appeared as though the best option was to cut the shelving and door to size to fit in the wardrobe. Wasn't too happy with this as the bigger wardrobe was an upgrade.

Turns out in the end, the bulkhead at the top of the wardrobe was made too low! So everything should fit and no need to cut. woohoo! Just glad they discovered the problem before we went ahead and agreed to cut everything to fit!

Said bulkhead raised just this morning so we didn't lose half of this top shelf which is supposed to be for shoes. Bit silly I think given I'm too short to reach them!

The other exciting works is the decking in the outdoor room. Was told the front portico decking wasn't done due to rain but not sure how this back bit got done though. Hopefully the front will be finished too but guess the later it's done, the less traffic damage.

Woohoo! Tiles have arrived too. Awesome! Can't remember exactly what we chose so looking forward to seeing them :)


  1. Hey Guys, we are building the Nelson 43 in the same area as you, we also have Wayne as our supervisor....when do you guys hope to be in? We are in the same situation was supposed to be in end of March, then before Easter and now with Wayne away who knows when.....fingers crossed for May!

  2. Kim & Paedar, at this stage we are still being told handover on the 21st. It's going to be tight as there's still much to be done but fingers/toes crossed! Not the best news to hear that your handover has been delayed so much. Are you building in The Range estate?

  3. Hi we are in Diamond Creek, good luck on settling on the 21st. We wanted Wayne to settle us before Easter too, our house started after yours but is practically finished now but with him being away things aren't getting done! We also looked at building the Tribecca, there is one around the corner from us that was for sale earlier in the year! Hope you get in for Easter, i like your blog.