Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garage Door Installed and Flooring Delivered

Dropped by again today and found that the Garage Door has been installed - it's a pretty common garage door found around the estate, but I think it's the best one out of the inexpensive options that are provided - otherwise we would have been forking over several thousand for a timber one (which is the only other option provided through M) The roller door at the rear of the grage has also been installed. This one matches perfectly with the colour of the guttering We were hoping to find someone at work there today but it was not to be - We did find that the timber flooring has been delivered and it is sitting in my theatre room waiting to be installed - It's the Boral Silkwood that is available through Metricon - our colour choice was Blackbutt which we hope will continue the theme of 'warmth' throughout the house. This shot shows the underlay for the timber flooring. It also shows(hopefully you can see it) that we now have fly screens on all our windows, part of the promotion that we purchased

This last one is a bad photo (zoomed in mobile phone pic) which shows the tiles in the downstairs powder room, looking forward to getting a better pic of these

We're still hoping (but not expecting) that the timber floors will be installed tomorrow (Sunday). You'd think that because big M has delayed us in so many ways that they would be willing to do some weekend work to recover lost time and help us meet our settlement date. What should be happening next week is the following:

  • Timber Floors installed

  • Carpet Installed

  • Down Lights and all other lights installed (including stairlights)

  • Appliances Installed

  • Metricon's QA

  • Down Pipes fixed and going somewhere.

  • Fireplace Installed including Cornice, Skirting, Painting, Exterior Brickwork and Jetmaster.

  • Bi Part Door Handles Replaced

  • Main Bathroom Bath Installed

  • Mirrored Robes Installed

  • Taps installed

  • Toilets installed

  • Bricks Cleaned and Expansion Joints Filled

  • All Plumbing complete

  • Everything Cleaned

That's quite an ambitious list for 4 days work. Needless to say we will be seething if things are not happening. Thankfully our SS is back next week.

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  1. Just heard Wayne is not coming back this week after all. Gordon hasn't returned our calls either. So frustrating when it's so close. Hope your q&a goes well.