Friday, April 15, 2011

Heating Ducts, Tiling and Careless Paintwork

We snuck into the house the other day whilst it was being cleaned. Apparently the first of 3 cleans. The cleaners were cleaning all the windows and sweeping the slab, hopefully in preparation for our timber floors and carpet, which was scheduled for this week but didn't make it in time. While we were in there, we took a few quick snaps:

The shot below shows one of the many heating ducts we now have all over the place. Quite different to our current house where all ducts are in the floor. Not really sure why they put them in the roof these days but I'm sure there is a very good reason.

The 2 shots below show that, although they did a good job painting our feature wall, they were careless with the edges and we have brown paint bleeding into the white. Not a good look at all! Rest assured we will not be accepting this.

On a more positive note, most of the tiling is complete, including grout. We're happy with it as it is very tough choosing tiles without any way of seeing how they will look in the final layout.

We drove buy today and saw that they have just fitted our garage doors, but it was a bit dark for a good photo. More tomorrow.

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  1. Oh no! Paint job is such a shame! On the plus side, your bathroom/ensuite is looking awesome.
    Simon talked me out of raised basins, but I wish he hadn't now that I see yours.

    (oh and thought I would post to show that we ARE reading your blog!!)