Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things are happening, slowly but surely...

Now that I've done one Blog post, my wife inisists I keep going. That's fine as long as she keeps taking the photos, and of course things keep progressing. I'm happy to report a lot of progress even since the last post. The photo below shows the wall of the study, which previously had a massive hole where they hadn't quite got the positioning of some water pipes right, and they were actually sticking out of the wall (see older post). An excellent repair job here, just hope that it holds up over a long time. They actually had to jack hammer away some of the slab, which our SS fixed himself, nice job too. We even have smoke detectors now, hopefully that ugly yellow plastic is just a cover? The tiler is working quickly and doing a very good job by all reports. We were worried about the tiles because we couldn't remember what we selected at all, as it was over a year ago. This is the ensuite shower. Our (actually, I should say my wife's) spa has also been installed and some of the tiling is done. Good to see that it's level, that way my stubbies won't tip over! This is a feature wall in our bedroom and yes it's Brown. Well, Sea Elephant to be exact. Will look great with our new King Size bed in front of it!! Can't wait for that. This is the wardrobe doors in the remaining bedrooms. A bit bloody yellow we think. Really can't remember the colour we chose but I doubt it was this. I remember the selection was very limited, but we will be checking this very carefully. This shot shows the floor tiles in the main bathroom. Nothing too exciting but nice rectangular large tiles, which seem to be the thing to have these days. And yes, this is the fireplace, starting to look as it should with a wall projection and the fireplace being up off the floor. Some skirting, some cornice, some paint and an actual Jetmaster and we'll be laughing! Ah yes, my cave, also known as the Home Theatre Room, except that it will be a Hi Fi Room before it becomes a Home Theatre Room as I love my music more than movies. Although with the size of it, both music and movies can be nicely accommodated. Just can't wait to get our new recliners in there and, well, sleep a bit. This little gizmo is a 'Vac Pan'. It's connected to the ducted vacuum. The idea being you can do a quick sweep, kick the Vac Pan with your foot and it will get sucked into the vacuum. This is our kitchen cupboard shelves, complete with unknown bit of wood on top. All of these things get us very excited and hopeful that we can be into the new house before our current home settles and we have to get out. Fingers will remained crossed. The big test will be the Metricon QA which is scheduled for April 18. If that goes well they will give us a firm handover date, and we will start packing like crazy.


  1. Looks great - similar colourings in the ensuite to ours - i like the feature tiles! I wish they would give us a QA date....we are chatting to Gordon tomorrow about a realistic timeframe....

  2. Hi Kim and Peadar,

    Wayne had our QA Date booked before he went on leave, and the handover date was just an estimate. We also had a chat with Gordon who said that there can be no handover date until the QA is done, so I hope he can give you your QA date soon.

    Good luck.