Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting There...

Thank goodness my wife has been keeping this blog up to date, I've been slacking off for the majority of the build (which seems to have taken forever!). Anyway, we are finally getting close to the end, as this post will show.


When we looked at the Tribeca display home in Berwick, there were many features we liked and asked for these to be included in our home. One of these was the projected Jetmaster Fireplace. As this was a standard Display Home option, we thought that there would be no issues building this. Turns out we were very wrong. Apparently a 'drawing error' led to them building a completely different Fireplace in our home, which we only noticed after plaster went in and painting was about to commence. Hang on, the wall is flat, there is no projection! What they were building for us was a Fireplace which sat on the ground on a piece of Hebel! This caused major issues as not only did the projected wall frame need to be built and the plaster re-done, but there was a steel lintel in the brick wall which was too low to allow the correct Fireplace to fit. So now they have ripped out the plaster and a section of bricks from the wall in order to raise the lintel, and with only 10 days until supposed handover - ARGHHH. So we are just praying that they can fix this by tomorrow at the latest.


We got our electrical fit out (off) done last Thursday, except they forgot one small detail...every single downlight (of which we have about 50!). Apparently they were 'out of stock' or something. At least the powerpoints, light switches, ducted vaccuum an TV antenna was done.


All of the tiling has been laid out but nothing has been grouted yet. Not sure what they are waiting for here. This pic also shows that the doors have been stained (although they need another coat)

Outdoor Room

Apparently we needed another manhole, this time in our Outdoor Room. So now we have multiple manholes again. One of the pics below shows our SS attempt to fix a gaping hole under one the roof beams. The other pic shows a gap above the bi-part doors which will apparently be fixed with a nice looking piece of wood (one of these days)


We still have a few downpipes leading to nowhere, and the downpipe that is supposed to come down from the roof to the ground in front of the garage is still not done (apparently they just didn't read the drawing and put it wherever they felt like it!) At least the hole in the gutter has now been moved to the correct place (now put the damn pipe on!!!)

Feature Render

Our front feature wall of the facade has now been rendered with the final colour, and thankfully we are very happy with the result

Other Bits and Pieces

We now have one of our baths (in the dining area at present). Painting inside is pretty much all done, except for the Fireplace wall of course. Our neighbours (Lot 112) have had a fence built for them by Australand (as it is adjacent to a boundary road). And, well, my daughter just loves the new home!!!

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